Ninja experience at freezing ski resort

Shizukuishi ski resort will introduce a new attraction “Snow Ninja Dojo” which was the theme of a ninja from this season.
The installation period is Saturdays and holidays from January 21 to March 20.

Ninja in the Tohoku region once existed in the southern clan and the Hirosaki clan.
The history of Tohoku has a close relationship with the ninja.

“Snow Ninja Dojo” aims to encourage families and three generations of people to enjoy their charm while enjoying themselves.

Also, as ninja is highly popular with foreign travelers visiting Japan, it is said that it will provide charm as a ski resort that you can enjoy other than skiing to foreign tourists visiting Japan, especially from non-snow areas.
There are three attractions in.
– “Ninja labyrinth” experiencing Ninja training in a huge maze of 10 m × 7 m
– Climb by using rope and slide off the butt “Snowy Mountain”
– Mini tours that climb mountains with traditional snow shoes and come back safe in the way of deep snow

In addition to awarding end certificates to those who have cleared three stages, they can eat ninja foods.


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