Real ninja house

Now it’s a very popular ninja for overseas forces. There are several places in Japan where you can see the historical materials of their lives and the days when they were active.

The “Iga Ninja Museum” on the side of Iga Ueno Castle is easy to get to. You can know about the Iga ninja. It is “Village of Koka and Ninjutsu village” that can be enjoyed with families as a theme park.

There is a real ninja house built in the early Edo period.
It is the former residence of Mochizuki family who can also be called the top of Koka Ninja.

Various scrolls applied to windows, floors, walls.

You are surprised by the exquisite gimmicks to escape in case of emergency and to deceive the invading enemies.

It is fun to not only see but actually touch you.

Be aware that sometimes you can not escape by being caught in the skillful ‘dendronic’ door. I feel excited when I am a child.

In addition to this, there are also abundantly exhibited so-called “ninja equipment” which said “Maki-bashi” and “Shuriken”, and the interest is endless.

And you can experience shuriken, so it’s also fun to return to your childhood and challenge. Even if I throw it all the way I do not get stuck very well.

The difference between Koka’s ninja and Iga is that he is good at “medicinal herb” and “pharmaceutical”.

Even now, various pharmaceutical companies are lined up around Koka, exporting medicinal herbs used for herbal medicine to major pharmaceutical companies and overseas.

Koka Ninjutsu is still nearby.