January 1, 2017 NINJA HOUSE Kyoto “Ninja Housing” OPEN!

Why do not you try staying in Japan’s first ninja mansion?

NINJA HOUSE Kyoto opened on the first day of 2017.

This “NINJA HOUSE Kyoto” has been renovated an old private house for over 100 years and is a ninja house style inn.
The contents are serious. Hidden door, hidden bedding, and hearthside are indispensable for ninja mansion.
· Ninja costumes and samurai armor
· Hidden door which is the entrance of ninja and Karakuri
· Ninja’s hiding bed
· Goemon bath


Cloud funding has also begun in order to enrich the contents still more.

NINJA HOUSE is a convenient place for sightseeing by 1.7 Km from Kyoto Station.
Address: 51-22 Higashi Kuroyanagashita-cho, Minami-ku Kyoto City

(The image is a screenshot of Makuake)

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