What is Ninjutsu to eliminate bad breath?

Ninjutsu, which eliminates bad breath, prevented the presence from being perceived by mouth odor.
It was said that it was also used to heal mouth thirst when there is no means of hydration at the same time.

There are 3 steps. You can do it in 2 minutes.
1, engage teeth 36 times with tick
2, turn the tongue 12 times to the right and 12 times to the left so as to trace the gums and the back side of the teeth
3, drink up the collected saliva

Only this alone can eliminate bad breath.
However, this method is premised on treating tooth decay and periodontal disease properly.
Even in Ninjutsu, mouth disease is thought to be a source of all kinds of diseases, and it seems to be said that you first prepare the mouth environment first.

Why does this cause bad breath to disappear?


Initially, it is said that 90% of the cause of halitosis is in the mouth.
By moving the tongue in the mouth, you can remove dirt and so on.
Eating residue left in the mouth will cause odor.
Saliva is also secreted by engaging teeth with ticks.
Saliva has bactericidal action, it has the effect of suppressing and washing away bacteria that are the source of odor.
After secretion of saliva, you can expect the effect of washing the entire mouth by moving the tongue.

Of course, the cause of bad breath is other than in the mouth.
In such a case, please note that this method may not be effective.


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