Haijin Matsuo Basho was Ninja??

Do you know Haijin Matsuo Basho?
He is a Japanese poet. If you like Japan, you may have heard this poem.

Sound of old pond and fog water jumping in

There is a theory that such a man was a ninja.

Associate professor Yuya Yoshimaru of Mie University who studies modern Japanese literature at the lecture meeting held in Iga City “Tendency and countermeasures of Basho ninja theory” explained the origin and credibility of the theory.
In the Basho ninja theory,
· The theory that Basho was employed as a ninja by Iga farmers and Todo clan
· The theory that Tohoku visit written in Basho’s report “Oku no hosomichi” is a travel distance that would be impossible unless it is a ninja
· The “Oku no hosomichi” report is a theory that the situation of the Tohoku clan is the purpose behind the shogunate to search Basho
and so on.

Associate Professor Yoshimaru pointed out to such theory, “In the father of Basho’s father, it became a pure farmer and not related to the ninja” “The speed of walking is the same as the healthy Japanese at the time”. “Basho has been deified since early, there are many anecdotes, but there are no stories using ninjutsu”, he emphasized that there are no traces to support the Ninja theory. However, regarding the possibility that the apprentice who accompanied the trip was a ninja, it is “probable”.


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