Ninja City, debut!

Iga City announced that it will declare “Ninja City” soon on February 1.

Iga city is famous as the birthplace of Iga Ninja which is also a major force of Japanese ninja.
It is to further raise the recognition of “Iga City = ninja”, to promote tourism guests and town planning that made use of ninja, along with the succession of history culture.

The city is preparing preparations such as schedule adjustment with the parliament side to have the vote at the city council regular meeting during opening.
On the day it is assumed that all attendees in Parliament will wear ninja costumes, and the Tourism Strategy Division talks “I want to make it a good opportunity to send out to the national and the world”.

In Japan, Kagawa prefecture is declaring “Udon prefecture”, Gunma prefecture “Sukiyaki prefecture”, Kanuma City, Tochigi prefecture “Ichigo City”.



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