The NINJA – Official book

Materials showing the actual condition of “ninja” are scarce and still have many mysteries.
This book is the official catalog of the exhibition (end in January) that learns the wisdom and knowledge of ninja through the latest research and scientific approach.

The oldest description about ninja is in “TAIHEIKI”.
TAIHEIKI is a story that wrote about 50 years from 1318 to around 1368.
It is made up of 40 volumes and is the longest work in Japanese history literature.

It is a military tale that wrote the period of Japan’s upheavals such as the emergence of Godaigo emperor, the destruction of the Kamakura shogunate, and Northern and Southern Dynasties era.

In the TAIHIKI, there is a description that the Ninja ignited in Iwashimizu Hachimangu Shrine in 1338, and you can see that a ninja was from Northern and Southern Dynasties era.

Ninja played the most active part in the Warring States Period arround 1600.

In the old document written by the descendant of the Iga Ninja, the secret of the physical ability of the ninja sometimes drawn as a superman is written.

It consists of various ninja ‘s weapons, from survival techniques to mental training methods, even for children.
Part is translated in English, it is one book that Ninja fans want.


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