Chicken Attack


If your family were hit by enemy ninja, what would you do?

At that time · · · Chicken attack is effective!

This MV is a song called “Chicken Attack” produced by American music group “schmoyoho”.

Singing is Yodel singer Takeo Ishii.
It is said that he is the most famous Japanese in Germany, and has won a Herman Lens medal awarded to German music contributors.

Yodel is a singing law originating in the Alps region.

It is a distinctive singing method that sings frequently switching between false voice (falset) and bass voice (ground voice).

The singing voice of Ishii who is succeeding as a Yodel singer is accompanied by a word of “wonderful” … but this worldview is too mysterious, including lyrics of this MV, stories, too!

A chicken that is manipulated by the reverberating Ishii ‘s beautiful voice, defeating the enemy one after another.
What is this meaning unknown! Is it?

And after watching it, there is myself trying to push the play button again ….
Someone stop this addiction!





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