The heterogeneous plan of the All Japan Judo Federation is “Sanada Ninja vs Judo”

It was Mr. Jun Kanno who became the new reinforcement chairman of the All Japan Judo Federation.

Boasting two victories in the All Japan Championship, the leaders who had no experience of participating in the Olympics and world championships were unusual.

“I am an ordinary man, so there is something I can do for them,” he says. He is such a variegated idea of ​​reinforcement.

I succeeded in inviting a Mixed Martial Artist as a coach to all Japan training camp.

As a part of strengthening last December we invited a mixed fighter Shinya Aoki (33) as a special coach. It is the way that Nihon University had taken in before.

Mr. Kanno: We had a connection with Aoki and Yuki Nakai (46), who is a jiu-jitsu.

Actually, a ninja will come next time. The Sanada Ninja comes to teach.

First of all, Nihon University. If interesting I would like to do it All-Japan.

Do not throw throwing shuriken, learning how to move your body.

My student got acquainted. He can not move if he takes his hand. As it seems interesting, I tried calling it.

I do not know if the teachings of different industries unrelated to judo will be useful.

However, diversity is important for judo. As brains and bodies get used to various movements, diversity develops.

Can deal with various aspects. Kodokan Judo founder, Professor Jigoro Kano was a tremendous transformationist.

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